Why Get Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floor coatings do a great job of protecting floors from the kind of wear that is to be expected of even the highest traffic locations. As a nice bonus, they also can add to the aesthetic of the space because just about any color you can imagine can be used. Another great thing about epoxy flooring coatings is that there is a coating for just about every structure and usage. Epoxy coatings became popular among commercial facilities first, but soon, homeowners were pouring the epoxy on their garage floors. Today, even the interior floors of homes are now being decorated in a myriad of epoxy colors with the additions of different flakes, chips, and glitters.

Pouring a coat of epoxy over a concrete floor will protect that floor from cracks created by heavy impacts. It is very easy to install the epoxy and once cured, it will make cleaning your floors much easier since the concrete floor will no longer be porous.

Epoxy flooring really is the economical, aesthetic, and functional choice. Please consider the following:

  • Durability – Not only will the floor be seamless, it will spread force, prevent cracks, and be scuff resistant. Epoxy also resists the corrosive effects of certain chemicals.
  • Cleanability – Your epoxy flooring will not absorb tough stains. Everything that has ever been spilled on a properly poured epoxy floor will simply be mopped up or swept off. This makes epoxy flooring ideal for places where there is a high potential for mess, like commercial kitchens, auto shops, and chemical plants.
  • Beauty – These coatings maintain a permanent high-gloss shininess to them and can be any color of your choosing. You can even have epoxy coatings that have many colors swirled together. Another thing is the flake and chip that can be added to spice up a floor.
  • Safety – Make your work space safer by making your floors slip and even fire resistant. Also, due to the high gloss, brightness is amplified, which increases visibility in the space which in turn improves safety. Another safety feature is your ability to paint zones of a commercial facility for certain kinds of traffic or as a restricted area. For instance, you can paint a forklift lane that maintains separation between workers and a moving forklift. You can also paint an area where certain chemicals should never be carried or stored.
  • Economy – Epoxy is affordable to install, and even better, it requires little to no maintenance for many years.

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