Choosing Lighthouse Shower Curtains – It’s All About The Quality

The bathroom is a very difficult environment to keep clean due to the amount of water and humidity that is always in the atmosphere, the bathroom is a perfect habitat for mold and mildew so you have to be on top of cleaning it constantly. One of the most susceptible things to mildew and mold in the bathroom is the Lighthouse Shower Curtains as this is usually wet for long periods of time and rarely dries out.

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One of the problems with a Lighthouse Shower Curtains is that it gets splashed with dirty soap residue from when we wash and over a period of time this builds up creating the perfect place for mold and bacteria to breed.

The best way to keep your curtain clean is to take it down once a week or so and wash it in your regular washing machine. You can get away with using a standard washing detergent but be careful not to wash it on too hot a cycle as you may shrink the curtain rendering it useless. If your curtain is excessively dirty you may need to wash it a second time to get it totally clean.

Before you re-hang the Lighthouse Shower Curtains make sure that it has thoroughly dried and aired, hanging it on a washing line will be sufficient for this task. Hanging it out to dry will also help any creases to fall out as you will not be able to iron your shower curtain.

When the Lighthouse Shower Curtains have dried you can re-hang it in your bathroom and it is ready for its next cycle of life. It’s amazing the difference a clean shower curtain will make to your bathroom.

Everyone will have experienced the awful feeling of walking into the bathroom with the only sock on only to be greeted by a soaking wet floor ending with the inevitable damp sock. Those are the sort of moments that can really set you up for a bad day. But those experiences don’t have to be a frequent occurrence if you fit a good shower curtain to keep the water off of the floor and down the plughole. What should you consider before buying a shower curtain?

The most important that you need to consider when buying a shower curtain is the length needed to keep the curtain inside the bath to make sure that no water escapes. Ideally, the curtain should trail three to four inches inside the bath this will give it enough weight to stay where it needs to.

The better the quality of the shower curtain the longer it will last. Cheap curtains tend to go moldy very quickly from the damp atmosphere that you find in a bathroom. Although you can wash a cheap shower curtain you will struggle to make it look as good as new.

Although a better quality curtain will still go moldy in a bathroom they will last longer before looking shabby are much easier to wash and will generally come out looking as good as new.

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