Maxi Dresses to Flatter Every Figure

The best thing about maxi dresses is there is a style to suit every shape. You can’t be too tall, too short, too slim or too curvy to pull it off. Although summer maxi dresses are for everyone, it is important to find one that is flattering to your shape.

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Get the style right for your figure and you’ll look like a goddess, get it wrong and you’ll look like you’re drowning in a very pretty sack. Here are some tips to follow if you want to buy a maxi dress that is flattering for your figure.

If you carry more weight around your hips and bum, you are part of the majority of British women who have a pear shape. Balancing the top and bottom halves is the key to finding a maxi dress that will flatter your figure. Avoid dresses that are tightly fitted around the hips and give the appearance of broader shoulders with a strapless or sleeveless style. Distract from the hip area by selecting a dress with an empire waist line.

Apple or top-heavy ladies also need to find the right dress to balance the top and lower halves of the body. Avoid high necklines and opt for v-neck dresses to flatter the bust. A loose, floaty number will give the impression of a more proportioned lower half to bring balance.

Those with a ruler or boyish shape can use frills, ruffles and bold prints to add texture and femininity. Adding a belt can nip in the waist to create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

The ladies that are lucky enough to have an hourglass shape can pull off just about any style of maxi dress but you might still want to accentuate your best features. If for you, that is your shoulders, a halterneck or strapless maxi dress will bring attention to the right places. Enhance your natural waistline by accessorising with a large waist belt.

Petite and plus-size women need not worry about being able to find the perfect fit. Most high-street stores carry petite lines and sizes over 16 and there are also specialist stores that are available to cater to both groups if you can’t find what you need in the high-street stores. Whether you are 5’2″ or a size 22, you can find a style and fit to flatter. It is important to find a maxi dress that fits well if you want to look your best!

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