Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Garage Door Opener

Some people spend a lot of time choosing the best garage door opener for their garage doors than they actually should need. It is often due to the large availability of brands and models of garage door openers to choose from. The situation is practically called an “analysis by paralysis”, where there is too much information available to take a wise decision.

There are several ways to deal with the situation. An efficient trick to focus on is to keep simple but essential points in mind such as, safety, stability, reliability, and ease of maintenance. Your selection will also depend on the type of garage door you have and what method of installation you choose as well as definitely your budget.

Here is a great piece of advice that will help you to take the right decision. First of all, you need to decide what drive system you need for your garage door. It can either be chain-driven, screws-driven, or belt driven. The belt-driven system operates with a rubber belt. It is an expensive but quietest type of garage door opener. The chain-driven system is considered to be the oldest but noisiest model.

It is due to the involvement of steel chains to open and close the garage door. The screw-driven system is comparatively cheap but noisy ones because it is created with an operating mechanism that moves along a threaded steel rod. The significant advantage of the screw-driven system is that it has few moving parts that need little maintenance.

The next important point is the power of the garage door opener. The selection of horsepower depends on the electrical current and size of the motor. There are three standard sizes of motors used for garage door openers such as, 1/3 horsepower, ½ horsepower, and ¾ horsepower. A garage door opener with 1/3HP is ideal for a standard single garage door. A garage door opener with ½ HP goes with a double garage door, and the ¾ is good for oversized garage doors.

The choice of manufacturer is the last point you need to keep in mind while choosing the right one. Due to the wide availability of brands, it is hard to figure out which is the best for your garage door. Manufacturers such as Liftmaster and Genie are famous brands all over the world. It is highly suggested to stick to those brands instead of going for unknown or cheaper ones. The Genie Company offers a wide variety of openers. They are famous for their high-power remote-controlled models. They are ideal for single and double garage doors. They are considered to be reliable and quieter which is why they are so famous. Liftmaster is famous due to the wide range of horsepower models and different types of driven systems.

When it concerns controllers, there are normally two types of controls used for garage door openers. You can use a remote control device while sitting in your car to open and close the garage door. You can also use a fixed control panel that is installed on the wall of the garage. Now you have learned a lot about the different types of garage door openers available in the market. It will help you to decide what you need and what you want. I strongly suggested that search around on all leading websites to make sure that you are getting a good deal before choosing any garage door opener. 

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