House Water Filtration System

It is a proof that water is your best source of hydration. Lesser water intake would lead to several body ailments such as dehydration, indigestion, dry skin, allergies, to name a few. And since you know that water in the body, healthy water that is, is significant, you have taken measures to be extra conscious with your water intake. And since you also know that pollution is a culprit for unhealthy drinking water, you opt to take bottled water that underwent either distillation or reverse osmosis.

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Did you know that distilled water and reverse osmosis take away the contaminants of water and take away the nutrients as well? So the water you are drinking may be safe, free from some of the more dangerous contaminants out there but unhealthy because these processes practically remove the necessary nutrients your body needs.

I took the safest route. I had my house installed with a whole house water filtration method that would give me water that could make me last a lifetime! Not totally free from the sickness, of course, that would be absurd! But I am sure that I am drinking healthy drinking water. But this is not a general whole house water filtration system. It is clearly the best! I have used and installed many water purification systems that you could think of. When others claim they clean your water, they are not backed up by tests made by independent laboratories. Even if they are, those tests are based on average conditions. Reputable and strict laboratories have tested the whole house water filter system that I got and what is best is that it removes 99.99% of the lead content of the water! Let me outline to you the best advantages I get from my whole house water filter system:

1. My whole house water filter system has a dual filter that removes chlorine, turbidity, lead, and other contaminants that are chlorine resistant.

2. My whole house water filtration system doesn’t remove the natural nutrients present in water. It recognizes what is bad and what is good, so to speak.

3. And this is the best part that my water filtration system offers. The manufacturers give me a lifetime warranty. Do you know of any filtration method that gives you that? I do not know of any.

I have never been satisfied ever with any home water filtration system in the market except the one I am using now. It has been two years and it never let me down. Never conked out, never gave me headaches. What it gave me and is continually giving me is clean, healthy water that could last me a lifetime!

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